Bulk REO Trader System

Your step-by-step guide for making millions with Bulk REO’s. Watch me as I show you how to tap into this goldmine of profits created by today’s economy. Discover how you too can dominate the playing field previously controlled by the world’s money masters. And you can do this without money, credit, risk or prior experience.
In this system I will show you…

  • A currently profitable real estate vehicle that makes money right now. In fact, the flood of Bulk REO and non-performing note packages are a direct result of today’s troubled marketplace – and now you can take advantage of this goldmine.
  • Where to find real sellers of Bulk REO packages. One of the most frustrating things a new Bulk REO Trader faces is getting past the daisy chain of joker brokers. I’ll show you exactly how to find real verifiable packages by going directly to the source.
  • Proven ways to buy houses for less than the price of one month’s rent. You can buy houses in Bulk REO packages for as little as $1000 each! Imagine the cash flow you can make when it only takes one month to cover the cost of the house.
  • How to buy commercial properties for pennies on the dollar. Yes, Bulk REO packages include commercial properties too. In fact, this is by far the cheapest way to control this type of real estate.
  • How to get big checks with as little as two hours of work in just 14 – 21 days. It just takes a few phone calls connecting buyers and sellers, often requiring only two to four hours per deal.
  • The 24 – 48 hour short sale strategy. You’ll discover how to be the bank and no longer have to wait on approvals or deal with loss mitigators ever again. As the bank, you control what you’re willing to take on a property and can make that decision in a split second.
  • Where to find properties for 30% - 70% less than foreclosures listed on the MLS. There is no cheaper source for properties than Bulk REO packages.
  • How to only work with the most qualified buyers with millions in funding and ready to close. Bulk REO buyers have money, they are qualified and ready to do business. Remember, you’re dealing with hedge funds, private equity firms and high net worth individuals who have cash to buy.
  • How to get prime properties FREE and CLEAR, to rent or flip for pure profit! Cherry pick the best deals, and you own free properties to do whatever you want. You are in total control. And it doesn’t have to be houses… this includes multi-family units, apartments, land, commercial properties, even 75-square foot yachts!
  • And more…

Here’s how you get started…

No matter which package you choose, I assure you that you will get more than your investment’s worth once you’re done with the training.

Choose your option below:

Option 1: Bulk REO Trader Silver Package

Yes, Kenny! I want to choose the Silver Package that gives me the basics of bulk REO trading.
This package provides you with everything you need to get started as a Bulk REO Trader. It all has the manuals, the forms, and the strategies to become instantly recognized as a professional and a legitimate Bulk REO trader.
Choose this package if you’re confident enough that you can do everything by yourself. Don’t worry though because I made everything really easy for you to follow. But if you think you’ll need to ask questions along the way, I strongly recommend that you choose the other packages because that’s where I give you up to 30 - 90 days of support from advisors that I trained myself as well as a number of extremely helpful resources.

Here’s what’s included in the Silver Package:

  • The Bulk REO Trader System. This is a complete home study system where I walk you through everything you need to know about bulk REOs, from the foundation to buying direct from banks. I will ship this to you so you can read it at your own pace and bring it anywhere you go.
  • The Bulk REO Legal Library. Fast track your way with all the legal forms and documents you need. You can find them all here in this library. One contract alone cost me $1,500 just to be drafted by my attorney, so you can imagine the value that I’m giving you here.
  • The Bulk REO Instant Credibility Kit. No experience in bulk REO trading? No problem. The 3 CDs I’m giving to you provides you with the tools you need to be recognized as an expert right off the bat. That includes scripts you can use when talking to buyers, marketing pieces and the digital format of the bulk REO legal library.
  • The Deal Maker Guide. It’s a 115-page manual where I outline everything on how you can start your real estate empire from scratch and with only an investment of $1.
  • 30-day Trial of The Bulk REO Trader Online Network. I’ll give you exlusive access to my REO Trader Online Network where I reveal the most up-to-date information on bulk REO training from my daily, real world experience. We also have weekly coaching calls where we show you step-by-step how to cash-in on the huge inventory of REO's out there in the marketplace. You get to try it out for 30 full days for free.
  • Two Tickets to The Flip Your Income Conference. At thiis 'Live' event we will show you step-by-step how to make huge profits in 2010 'flipping' REO's for maximum profits. You can bring a business partner or spouse. This event is being held in Orlando, Fl Oct 22nd-23rd.
  • VIP Access To The Party Of The Year. Come spend time with Kenny at his multi-millionaire dollar mansion and hang out with the top real estate investors in the country!!

Because this doesn’t require any additional effort on my part, the Silver Package is much cheaper than the other packages. You can get all the materials you need to get started in this package for only $997.

To order this package, simply click the button below where you’ll be redirected to a secure order page.

Option 2: Bulk REO Trader Gold Package

I need something more to help me open the flood gates of opportunity even further. I need the Gold Package to get me access to your verifiable $100 MILLION POF letter and 30-days of support from your expert advisors.
If you want to take even better advantage of the opportunity that’s in front of you, then I recommend that you order the Gold Package. This package contains everything that’s included in the Silver Package, and you’ll also receive…


  • The $100 Million Proof Of Funds Letter. You’ll get access to the $100 million Proof of Funds letter that will open gates of opportunity for you. This letter will show sellers you are the real deal and grant you access to their confidential asset database. This isn’t transactional funding or money for 24 hours. This is bank-to-bank verifiable funds where the seller’s bank manager can call my bank and prove this money is waiting. There’s a lot of fake POF letters floating around. Nope, this is the real deal and will be your ticket into the world of closing real Bulk REO deals.
  • 30-Day Access to My Expert Advisor Hotline. If you encounter a hiccup along the way or if you have questions on how to deal with a particular buyer, you can always call my team of advisors to answer your questions. These are experts I’ve trained myself, so it’s as good as asking me directly for advice.

This package requires additional support from my team and my bank so the investment is a little more: $1,997 for the Gold Package.

To order this package, simply click on the button below and you’ll be redirected to a secure order page.

Option 3: Bulk REO Trader Platinum Mentoring

Yes, Kenny! I want you to mentor me into becoming one of the best Bulk REO Traders out there.
This package is for the most serious bunch who wants to gain an edge over everyone else when it comes to Bulk REO trading. Why? More than just providing you with materials and support, I will personally walk you through some of the tools and information that I don’t easily give away to others. That’s why I’m offering them only to people who have shown significant interest in what I have to share. This Platinum Mentoring Package includes everything you’ll find in the previous packages, plus…


  • 90-Day Advisor Hotline. Yes, that’s 3 months of support from my expert advisors.
  • My Insider Bank Directory. This is where I’ll give you access to my own list of more than 500 insider banks that are ready to do bulk REO deals. I don’t give this away to just anyone, it’s the very same list I use to find Bulk REO deals every day. But fortunately, there are so many deals on the market I can’t possibly reach them all myself.
  • 8-Week Intensive Bulk REO Training. Once you have mastered the basics, this 8-week training will give you the advanced skills you need in bulk REO trading. You’ll discover advanced strategies such as location packages, building buyers lists, and setting up your exit strategy for maximum profits.
  • Access to My Personal Buyers List. If you want the ultimate shortcut to bulk REO trading, then you’ve got it here in this buyers list that I’ve painstakingly built myself. Access to this list is worth at least 100 times your investment in this mentoring package alone, and the names on this can total over ONE BILLION in buying power.
  • 6-Week Note Buyer Training.  This is where I’ll teach you on how to become your own bank! You can use this to make money with little risk and open up more money making opportunities for you in today’s economy. Please note that I’m planning on releasing this training as a standalone product in the future for a very high investment, so this is your chance to take advantage to get it as a part of the Platinum Mentoring Package.
  • 6-Week Note Buyer Q&A Calls. After each lesson I’ll give you the opportunity to ask questions on note buying, live, so you have a complete understanding of every step of this amazingly profitable training.
  • Investor Buyer Leads. I’ll give you a list of two counties in your area with investors who have recently closed on properties using cash. You can then sell your cherry picked deals, or entire Bulk REO packages to this group piecemeal for even higher profits.
  • Bulk REO Masters Training. This is where I interview some of the brightest minds in the world of real estate, pick their brains, and get you advice on how you can make even more money in today’s economy.
  • Deal Analyzer Software. Don’t wait for days just to find out if a deal’s good or not. With the deal analyzer software, you can make decision on deals in just minutes!
  • Bulk REO Trader Social Network. This is an insider’s online community where you can connect with other successful Bulk REO Traders. Expand your network even further and close even bigger deals.
  • Two Tickets to The Flip Your Income Conference: Here’s where I meet you personally and work with you for four days this October in Orlando. You’ll join me and my hand-selected team of world-class experts as we share the most cutting edge information to capture the massive opportunity in today’s market.
  • VIP ACCESS TO THE PARTY OF THE YEAR. I throw the wildest and most lavish parties on the planet. (If you read the ‘Arbitrage Conspiracy” you know what I mean.) And you can be a part of the VIP only party at the Flip Your Income conference and rub elbows with the bigwigs in the world of real estate and business.

So if you want to stamp out the competition, the Platinum Mentoring Package is all you need. Believe me, its tuition of $2,997 is a small investment you need to make in exchange for the advanced strategies on closing deals and the money you’ll be making in the process. Plus, you’ll also get VIP access to the exclusive party with me and open doors to the big players and high-rollers in the industry.

Reserve Your Spot In The Platinum Mentoring Package today by clicking on the order button below.
Your investment in any of the packages that I offer provides you a quick and easy way to get around the most common problems that hound would-be Bulk REO Traders. And I will be your personal guide through everything.


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