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Friday, May 30, 2008

Making Money from Run Down Homes

If you have the mind for Real Estate Investing, then look out for vacant homes that are fire damaged, abandoned, run down or with city notices evident. Talk to neighbors about these homes, they should usually know who actually owns it and what is going around. They would be generally interest in seeing the house restored!

Try walking up to the house and look at the window or knock at the door to confirm that the house is indeed vacant, but see that you don't trespass the area, always double confirm with the neighborhood. Do contact the out-of-state owners through property records or by sending a letter or making a phone call. You can leave your business card on the door when you leave.

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Jonas & Kate:

We would genuinely like to thank you and your staff for all your assistance in the purchase of our new real estate property in California. The closing process went on extremely smoothly and we are very thrilled to be called as “homeowners”. Thanks Jeff once again for all your patience and expert advice.

Chris & Joe Fish:

Thank you so much for serving us in purchasing our new home! We want to let you know how very happy we are to have used your group to locate and help us to purchase our new home. We were very impressed by the way you kept us state-of-the-art, and swiftly sent us any required information. We were so satisfied at how your team investigated all, and followed every detail to the end. We value all the work you did for us.

John S:

My husband was transferred and we needed to sell our house fast. We contacted our local representative and they presented us with a fair "all-cash" offer on our property and we received a check within 5 days!" Judy G.,Seattle, WA "I lost my job and was unable to make my monthly mortgage payments. I contacted and they met with me and paid cash for my equity. Not only that, they made up my back payments and was able to save my credit rating." John S.,Atlanta, GA

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